Offshore, oil, gas and renewable related projects

Both directors of Hulltec Ltd have hands on experience as working divers in the offshore industry.  This experience has proved a great asset when tendering for contracts related to the oil and gas industry. To date the company have been involved in projects dealing with Semi-submersible drilling rigs, FPSO, and Drill Ships.  For the past five years Hulltec have been the sole provider of diving services for Harland & Wolff on projects of this nature.

Chain Spider Installation on FPSO Conversion Glasdowr

Hulltec were called in on this project when Harland & Wolff realised that their usual diving contractor had not got the experience or expertise to do a job of this nature.  The contract involved installing a 120 tonne turret onto the bottom of a ship.

The job had to be carried out in a tidal window and to very fine tolerances so that the riser pipes in the upper turret would line up with the J pipes in the chain spider. In the planning stages of the project problems were identified and corrective actions put in place. Experience of heavy lifts in the offshore industry and extensive pre-job planning ensured the operation was carried out within the tidal window and the tolerances allowed.  Most importantly it was carried out to the clients satisfaction.

FPSO and Drill Ships

Schiehallion FPSO, due to its draught required that all its keel blocks be removed before any further building could take place or it would not float off.  Hulltec were called in when an audit by BP Exploration showed that the usual local diving contractor could not have undertaken this complex job to the standards required by BP.

Hulltec were successfully audited by BP and were awarded the contract.  The job required six dive teams working 24 hours a day until job completion.  The job was completed one day ahead of schedule. All the pre-commissioning, sub-sea inspections of the chain spider and thrusters were also carried out by Hulltec. Hulltec carried out all sub-sea commission inspections on both the Glomar CR Luigs and Glomar Jack Ryan.

The company was also required to fit continuity bridges for the cathodic protection current to cover all parts of the DP thrusters.  This involved removing the rope guards, drilling and tapping screw holes and fitting the brass bridges.

Main Diving Contractors on the following projects

Chain Spider Instillation

Worlds Largest New Build FPSO
British Petroleum (BP) Exploration

Semi-submergible Drilling rig
Dolphin Drilling

Semi-submergible Drilling rig
Dolphin Drilling

Deep water Drill Ship

Deep Water Drill Ship

Semi-submergible Drilling rig
Dolphin Drilling

Hulltec was audited for each of these separate contracts to ensure the main client that the company was capable of carrying out the often complex and important diving related work to a high standard of workmanship and safety.

At present Hulltec Ltd is acting as emergency standby cover for A2Sea for its vessels currently working on the Ormonde Wind Farm. This requires Hulltec to respond to a call 24/7 at Hardland & Wolff Shipyard to carry out diving work which hopefully prevents the vessel going off shire on that project.